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Silo Magazine

My main idea for my magazine is “paper” and I want to show some physical effects that happen to paper such as: Folding, creases, tears. I will include all of these in the spreads bust these will just be an effect not a physical occurrence. So I’m going to use a series of online tutorials to first print then mount together either stich together or glue together all of these I will decide on when I come up with the prototypes of the magazine. So the overall style of the magazine is going to be clean but it not going to be perfect as it’s going to have that flaw of the real paper. The target audience for the magazine is going to be students aged 18+ because there’s a range of articles to suit all needs from Fiction to Reviews.

Once I have done my physical version I am going to focus to optimise it for screen use for example for use as a downloadable magazine that will be viewable on a mobile and tablet devices. I want to create the digital version to appeal to my target audience more and make it more accessible and also cheaper for them to download. As well I am going to create an app that will help you view/download new issues of the magazine and see previews and a short description before they download a new issue.

Animation - A Summary


For me this project has gone terribly, my original idea which I thought was quite different and strong failed drastically when I tried to produce it, which then left me time to make a quick back up idea, which was a banana sinking then rising..not very good. On the positive I have learnt a few…

Good idea something original .


hi, i’m philip de canaga. 

my tumblr : www.philipdecanaga.tumblr.com

Behance : www.behance.net/sixties

website : www.philipdecanaga.com


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alter ego


ˌaltər ˈɛgəʊ,ˌɒlt-,ˈiːg-/
noun: alter ego; plural noun: alter egos
  1. 1.
    a person’s secondary or alternative personality.
    "in the flesh she is a million miles from her photographic alter ego"

Alter egos


Here is a list of alter egos which I know personally from music, tv shows, books etc.


  • Clark kent - Superman/The Blur/Kal-El/The Man Of Steel/CK
  • Bruce Wayne - Batman/The Dark Knight
  • Dick Grayson - Robin
  • Hal Gordon - Green Lantern
  • Oliver Queen - Green Arrow
  • Selina Kyle -…

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Alter Ego


'Alter ego' is latin for 'the other I'. It generally means a second personality, although psychologists tend to use the term 'Dissociative Identity Disorder'.

They’re pretty common, with many writers/actors/comedians/singers using them. For example:

Robert Galbraith, writing name for J. K….


one idea for my war project was to recreate a hospital room from the 1940s and have the injured nruse mannequin lying in the bed, with nobody else in. I would also have my typography printed on vinyl on the wals or floor. this idea is not final yet just an idea

Where are you going to find a location like this ?

This is a set of images showing the movement of a Skylark which I will use as reference for my animation.

Sagmeister & Walsh - Work

This is by far one of my favorite portfolio I have seen because the way they used image to become interactive that at the same time shows there office, in there work section the portfolio is white and dark gray and the work is most of the time nice and colour and that elevates the work from the site.


I like the way everything is layed out and i think the horizontal scrolling is very effective. Also the layout is clear and easy to navigate and the house style stays the same around the portfolio.